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W.H.Y. Retreats x WS Health

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A 28 day embodied experience, centred around a 5 day cleanse. We’ll show you how to cleanse and design a life with Ayurveda, and Self-Care rituals in a way that works for you. Energetically, Spring is the perfect time to re-emerge, stretch our limbs and start to clear out any heavy or stagnant energy. And that’s exactly why we cleanse together in April. Let us cleanse our bodies and minds together, creating space for inspiration and restoration. With expert guidance from Ayurveda Practitioner @wiebkehealth & @namaste_debby certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and founder of W.H.Y. Retreats and the support of our community, you’ll design a life of wellness and resilience. You will get : • Workbook / Cookbook * daily Yoga/Movement and Self -Care Impulses * Community Connection for Collective Well-being Created to fit into your busy schedule so you can implement slowly small steps to a new Self-Care routine. Save the Dates: 🌿 Easy Preparation: April 6-12 🌿 LiveYoga and Cooking Event- in Hamburg: April 13 🌿 Ayurvedic Cleanse at home: April 14-18 🌿 Mindful Reintegration: April 19-29 🌿 Joyful Rejuvenation: April 30-May 3 Be part of this journey. More Details: Booking:


+49 163 4338327

Ferdinands Höh 21, Hamburg, Deutschland

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